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Baker Tilly Global

Baker Tilly is an independent member of Baker Tilly International in Spain.

Baker Tilly International is a network of independent professional service firms committed to providing the best possible service to its clients in their own markets, and anywhere in the world where they may need assistance.

We can guarantee our clients world-class service anywhere in the world.

We are members of Baker Tilly International

A leading professional services network ranking among the top 10 in the world.

Independent member of Baker Tilly in Spain

Baker Tilly International is the eighth largest network in the world by revenue and is represented by 126 firms in 147 countries, posting a total aggregate income of $3 billion It comprises 30,500 employees in 769 offices.

We are local companies with international reach that can meet the most diverse challenges in a changing world of complex markets.

Quick Facts

Countries: 147
Member Firms: 126
Offices: 769
People: 30500
Combined Revenue: 3.2B

¿How we work together?

At Baker Tilly International we are united by the passion of providing exceptional customer service, primarily to growing companies.

All network member firms must undertake to uphold high quality standards and share skills, resources and expertise to create best practices. As members of Baker Tilly International, we can coordinate with member companies worldwide when needed and provide our customers with consulting based on local experience in any foreign market.

All works are led by the client’s senior partner, who coordinates all work carried out on behalf of clients abroad. We ensure that the work is carried out within budget, on time and according to utmost quality standards.

We also share staff to develop our professionals and foster the exchange of knowledge between our firms. We organise specialised working groups structured by disciplines or sectors.

By belonging to this network, we have the opportunity of learning from and working closely with professionals from other member firms—nationally and globally.

Global Annual Review

Attached is the link to Baker Tilly International’s “Global Annual Review” where we report
on the performance, key network policies and governance structures during 2016.