Consultancy, Audit y Counseling


Consultancy, Audit and Counseling

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Audit & Assurance

  • Audit & Assurance
    • Auditing of annual accounts and financial statements (separate and consolidated)
    • Translation of financial statements to IFRS/US GAAP
    • Design and implementation of financial reporting technology systems
    • Limited reviews and agreed procedures, grant review
    • Listed company asset protection report
    • Independent expert reports

Corporate Finance

  • Corporate Finance
    • Due diligence
    • Company valuations
    • Commercial structuring of purchasing agreements
    • Integrations, spin-offs, succession and mediation planning
    • Managing the sale of productive assets
    • Support in insolvency proceedings, refinancing and debt restructuring
    • MBI/MBO
    • Strategic diagnosis and feasibility plans
    • Economic and financial analysis and cost-reduction programmes
    • Working capital management
    • Budget control and budgeting
    • Process improvements and internal control systems
    • market research
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  • GRC
    • Corporate Governance policies
    • Professionalisation of the Board of Directors
    • Board strategy and oversight functions
    • ERM, financial risks
    • Fraud and shrinkage prevention
    • Technological risks
    • Internal financial control
    • Management procedures
    • Management audit
    • Branch control
    • Internal audits
    • GRC training
    • Crime Prevention Plans
    • Compliance Officer
    • Compliance Officer
    • Prevention of Money Laundering
    • GRC system implementation

HR & Payroll

  • HR & Payroll
    • Preparation of payroll
    • Employment assistance and consulting, social security transactions
    • Layoffs, modifications, legal aid for reconciliations and court procedures
    • Workforce Adjustment Plans, consulting for relocated workers
    • Processing for all new hires
    • Confirmation of workers’ sick leave and accidents
    • Due diligence, customised monthly reports.
  • Legal
    • Commercial agreements
    • Corporate law
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Intellectual property
    • Urban planning law and real estate law
    • Tax law
    • Private international law
    • Restructuring and insolvency
    • Banking and financial law
    • Labour law
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Tax & Accounting

  • Tax & Accounting
    • Drafting of accounting entries and journals—general ledgers and balance sheets—
    • Preparing and filing of tax returns and settlements (VAT, personal income tax, corporate tax, etc.)
    • Preparing financial statements, regular and personalised reporting (IFRS, US GAAP, etc.)
    • Annual Accounts and Official Books, depreciation analysis, provisions and inventory control, accounting analysis and advice, managing analytical and cost procedures

Tax Consulting

  • Tax Consulting
    • Tax consulting and planning for consolidated groups
    • Fiscal due diligence
    • Restructuring
    • Internal tax audits
    • Design and implementation of remuneration policies
    • Transfer pricing
    • Support in tax inspections
    • Administrative, economic/administrative and contested administrative appeals
    • Personal and estate taxation
    • Investment tax planning
    • Tax planning for expatriates and displaced workers
    • Advice on international and domestic transactions (VAT and direct taxes)
    • Design and implementation of investment structures abroad.