Company start-ups, mergers and subrogations

Carrying out operations with safety and control

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Process always defined and oriented towards the expected result

We support you in the creation of companies, mergers andsubrogations, as well as in the closing processes, guaranteeing that each operation is carried out with maximum security and control;

Starting a new project or opening new lines of business are challenges that require a high level of knowledge and leadership, and our team is prepared to guide your organisation through these complex changes. We assess, monitor and execute decisions in an orderly and effective manner, ensuring that the entire process is aligned with the expected results and that the organisation can adapt to the new situation safely and as planned.

We work in coordination with you to provide you with a global vision and a complete analysis of the process, maintaining control over time and costs at all times. We take care of the registration and incorporation of companies with the Social Security, the opening, variation and closure of work centres, the management of registrations or changes in the Mutual Insurance Company for Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases, the subrogation of workers, the merger of companies, the management of Employment Regulation Files, and the transfer and succession of companies, ensuring that each step is carried out in accordance with current regulations and with total security.

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