We are here to provide you assurance to get through these hectic days.  A company’s readiness to react swiftly has never been so important as it is today:  it is no longer about the decision to be made, but how quickly we can make it.  We are all facing unpredictable scenarios that find us not fully prepared and, as a consequence, our margin for adaptation to the new reality is very narrow.  

At Baker Tilly, we have created a task force dedicated 100% to provide you with the immediate assistance and guidance you need:

  • Capacity of reaction / decision / express-implementation in order to reduce the impact on companies operating in the most affected sectors from minute one.
  • Capacity of reaction / decision / programmed implementation for companies that have a slightly wider room to manoeuvre, so that they can reposition quickly before they are directly affected.

Our task force is led by our top professionals in the fields of labour law, tax law, legal and restructuring services, all of them with extensive experience in all sectors and in all types of companies, from SMEs to small and large multinationals.  We can also count on our international network to coordinate any type of advice and swift action in more than 140 countries around the world.

Feel free to leave us a message with your concerns and we will contact you without delay.

We have rarely had to face such drastic and unexpected situation, but we have always managed to recover from difficulties thanks to our adaptability - the greatest asset of the human race. So #BePrepared, and no doubt we will come out of this stronger and wiser!


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