Corporate and Financial Fraud Prevention and Investigation Service

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Advice in legal and arbitration proceedings

We offer fraud prevention and investigation services, including the obtaining of necessary evidence and the issue of reports to recover losses. We also assist in the management of high-risk areas, and offer advanced technologies for fraud detection. 

We act as independent experts in financial and accounting matters in litigation, providing advice in judicial and arbitration proceedings, issuing expert opinions, and calculating damages incurred. In addition, we value companies, business units and assets, and work closely with lawyers to defend interests in complex cases. 

Our corporate and financial fraud prevention and investigation service includes detecting irregularities, obtaining evidence, and advising on litigation and arbitration, using advanced technology for fraud quantification. We offer policy non-compliance review, risk management, and act as independent experts in financial and accounting analysis. We also make damage and loss of profit calculations and assessments in economic-financial imbalances, and support legal proceedings with detailed reports, working closely with legal representatives to defend your interests effectively. 

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