Subvenciones para empresas industriales en Cataluña - Plazo abierto hasta el 18 de abril
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We apply a cross-cutting approach that encompasses all critical aspects of your business

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Comprehensive strategic advice as an essential tool

Our transaction services are based on experience, accuracy and strategic guidance to help you make informed and sound financial decisions.

We offer extensive corporate transaction expertise: a cross-cutting approach that encompasses all critical aspects of your business. With a multidisciplinary team, we prepare daily to tackle the most complex challenges and find the best solutions. Through a comprehensive approach, we provide a holistic understanding of the financial, operational and legal facets involved in each transaction, ensuring decisions based on accurate information.

We offer a range of key services, such as mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, restructuring, forensic services, financial advisory and operational efficiency improvement. These solutions are designed to effectively strengthen and expand your operations, providing a customised strategy that is closely aligned to the unique needs of each company.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have a team of specialists in financing, information technology, and business strategy, ready to tackle complex challenges and find customized solutions.

Due Diligence

We make informed decisions and mitigate business risks.


With an interdisciplinary approach and extensive sector knowledge, we identify and address strategic, operational, regulatory, internal control, financial, corporate, environmental and technology risks.


We offer fraud prevention and investigation services, including obtaining the necessary evidence and issuing reports to recover losses.

Financial advice

We have extensive economic, financial, technological and environmental knowledge that allows us to provide hybrid solutions to our clients.

Improving efficiency in operations

At Baker Tilly we have a strategic vision that interprets this environment, identifies the internal transformations needed and generates the confidence to address these changes and move forward.

Our team
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David Martínez
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Xavier Mercadé
CEO, Partner

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