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Internal audit to assess risks

In today's regulatory environment, internal auditing is essential for assessing risks in business and corporate operations, as well as for compliance and control of governance structures. Understanding and managing risk in buy-side, sell-side and merger transactions requires comprehensive due diligence that provides detailed information on financial, legal, tax and labour issues. 

Our multidisciplinary team conducts comprehensive Due Diligence in areas such as legal, financial, tax, labour and environmental, identifying risks and offering solutions. This process provides vital information on the financial situation, market, quality, industrial and technological aspects, regulatory compliance and more, enabling informed decision-making and risk mitigation at business level. 

Due Diligence provides valuable information on key aspects of the company: 

  • Economic-financial and accounting situation.¬†
  • Market situation and commercial aspects.¬†
  • Information on the quality policy and effectiveness of management and staff.¬†
  • Industrial, technological and innovation-related aspects.¬†
  • Tax, labour and legal aspects.¬†
  • Review of the reasonableness of business forecasts.¬†
  • Environmental and sustainability aspects.¬†
  • Compliance monitoring.¬†
  • Review of corporate liabilities.¬†
  • Criminal liability of the company.¬†
  • Review of administrative risks.¬†

This enables our clients to make informed and strategic decisions during the negotiation process.

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