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Detailed reports for regulatory requirements and competitive advantages

At Baker Tilly, we not only provide legal financial auditing services, whether mandatory or voluntary. We also provide assurance services and independent review of our clients' financial or business information.

These services allow us to obtain an independent opinion from an accredited professional, based on compliance with international review standards, providing comfort to our clients and the various users of this information.

Likewise, these reports are sometimes necessary for regulatory aspects and/or allow competitive advantages for our clients.

We also offer mutually agreed procedures in cases where standardised reports are not necessary and comfort is required based on a set of specific procedures adapted to the needs of our clients.

We have teams specialised in the provision of these services and we comply with the national and international standards in force for the provision of these services. Internally we group them as follows:

  • Audits of accounts justifying subsidies and public aid.
  • Limited financial and business information assurance processes
  • Independent expert reports
  • Fulfilment of financial commitments
  • Other agreed procedures
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