Oriol Velasco

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Tell us about yourself

Currently, I am an audit partner. I lead the Barcelona office and am part of the Board of Directors of Baker Tilly Auditors.

On the other hand, I serve as the IBL (International Business Leader) for the audit practice.

How do you think these last few years have influenced the way of working?

The emergence of Covid worldwide has tested the digitalization status of various Organizations, as we had to start working from home overnight.

The "forced" telework took us all by surprise in how it was approached, increasing efficiency in tasks and breaking down the taboos about teleworking. It has become an important part of the emotional compensation for employees and one of the ways to retain and attract talent.

"By joining Baker Tilly, you enter an international that is constantly growing and transforming and therefore with career advancement opportunities for all. So I would tell those who are starting their careers to be ambitious and to be willing to contribute to the firm"

Oriol Velasco

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