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Business Intelligence (BI), through tools as Microsoft Power BI

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At Baker Tilly, we understand the power of business intelligence in transforming decision-making.

Business Intelligence (BI), through advanced tools such as Microsoft Power BI, allows for the integration, analysis and visualisation of critical business data, facilitating understanding and access to real-time information for all levels of management.

Our experience in implementing BI solutions spans a wide range of industries and company sizes, offering customised dashboards ranging from finance and human resources to quality and stock management. Each project is custom-designed, guaranteeing a solution that perfectly suits the specific needs and goals of our clients.

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Dashboard: Financial
Being able to analyse in real time the main indicators and financial variables of the business is an imperative need in any company.
Dashboard: HR
The development and implementation of HR dashboards is gaining relevance in the structuring of balanced scorecards in companies.
Dashboard: Stock Management
Efficient stock management becomes the key to business success, addressing challenges in sales, logistics and finance.
Dashboard: Modern Channel
Discover how data analytics in modern retail transforms the improved efficiency and consumer experience.

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