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Dashboard: Stock Management

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Efficient stock management becomes the key to business success, addressing challenges in sales, logistics and finance.

With very few exceptions, the control and efficient management of stock is one of the main workhorses facing the manager of a company in almost any sector. And, although more and more resources are being devoted to stock-related procedures, stock remains, by and large, one of the most neglected when it comes to controlling the management of a business. 

This becomes especially important if we stop to think about all the processes in which efficient stock management and control means the difference between success and failure: in purchasing, to avoid oversizing stock and having problems of space or expiry; in sales, to avoid stock breakages; in logistics, to reduce order preparation times and, therefore, reduce costs; in the financial department, as the correct recording of stock variations is necessary to determine the company's financial situation; among others. The different sections of the dashboard are: 

  1. General. Stock evolution. Turnover rate. General data. Composition by supplier. 
  2. Stock detail. Stock composition in the maximum detail available (reference, supplier, units, unit price, expiry risk, rotation index, etc). 
  3. Stock errors. Tables to automatically detect possible errors in the stock reported by the ERP (negative units, valuation <0€, low theoretical margin). 
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