Subvenciones para empresas industriales en Cataluña - Plazo abierto hasta el 18 de abril
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We offer legal advice and solutions in recruitment, remuneration policies, outsourcing and legal and labour consultancy

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Personalised approach in the workplace

We offer advice and legal solutions in recruitment, remuneration policies, outsourcing, and labour law consulting. Our personalised approach is tailored to each client's unique needs, providing expert guidance and regulatory compliance in an ever-changing labour market. Our team represents companies in different sectors, ensuring fair labour relations and compliance with regulations. As a strategic partner, we seek to support business success and create a positive, productive work environment. 


Our legal services are designed to help companies conduct effective recruitment processes and comply with local and international labour laws.

Design and implementation of remuneration policies 

We work in partnership with companies to design remuneration policies that are competitive, fair and in line with current labour regulations.

Labour Management

This aspect of labour law involves the creation of subcontracting agreements and the management of labour relations in the context of subcontracting.

Labour law advice and consulting 

We offer expert guidance in a variety of situations, from resolving labour disputes to managing internal policies and procedures.

Our team
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Daniel López
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Víctor Jiménez
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Moisés Álvarez
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Sergi Pina
Managing Partner of Tax and Legal

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