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International employment counselling and global mobility of employees

A safe and effective labour management can be decisive in transforming complex challenges into viable solutions that allow operations to be carried out for the effective development of a company. In a globalised working environment, it is essential to have specialised advice that guarantees compliance with regulations both nationally and internationally, as well as efficient management of the global mobility of employees. We offer a comprehensive service that covers all needs in terms of employment advice and international social security, ensuring that companies operate with total peace of mind and efficiency anywhere in the world.

Our team of experts provides solutions tailored to the legal and tax specificities of each country, enabling efficient and secure management of your international labour and social security obligations. We work closely with the Baker Tilly international network to obtain accurate answers on advice in other countries, making comparisons between different jurisdictions that offer a fundamental added value, such as tax equalizations or hypotax calculations.

We provide advice in areas such as international recruitment and expatriate management, drafting secondment letters and International assignment contracts, optimising remuneration and benefits for international workers, and ensuring compliance with social security regulations in different jurisdictions. Likewise, we offer advice and immigration services in the hiring and regularisation of workers, we manage bilateral and multilateral social security agreements, avoiding double contributions in different countries, and we coordinate with international authorities and organisations to ensure compliance with all legal obligations, including obtaining A1 certification or its equivalent in each country.

With Baker Tilly, your company will be prepared to face any international work challenge with confidence and efficiency.

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