Labour Due Diligence

Analysis, advice and feasibility projects aimed at solutions

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We offer a complete Due Diligence service that provides you with a detailed analysis, advice and viability projection for your operations. This tool is essential when you are considering a significant financial investment or restructuring with the aim of improving the development and positioning of your company in the market.

Our team in the Labour Area will meticulously study and analyse every aspect of your operation, providing you with a comprehensive and global vision of your business' labour scope. This service is designed to minimise risks and ensure the success of your projects, facilitating strategic decision-making and guaranteeing their viability.

Our Labour Due Diligence service includes an exhaustive and detailed approach ranging from cost analysis and feasibility studies, ensuring that your operations are economically sustainable, to advice on purchase and sale operations to cover all labour aspects. We also focus on the study of subsidies and manage subsidised training through the Tripartite Foundation, which allows us to optimise the benefits and subsidies available. In addition, we prepare detailed reports to minimise risks for investors, identifying potential problems before they become serious obstacles, and we evaluate possible labour contingencies to prepare your company for any adverse situation.

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