Selection of management tools


Discover how this approach drives sustainability and operational efficiency, differentiating Baker Tilly Ecogesa in the competitive marketplace.

It is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the implementation and maintenance of management systems and in carrying out projects related to environmental management, sustainability and regulatory compliance. Its main objective is to advise companies to plan and optimise their management in order to improve their results and differentiate themselves from the competition.

  • Project objective:

They asked us for a Power Bi dashboard in order to obtain information and monitor the status of their projects in real time. In addition, it is required to be able to review the degree of compliance with the objectives and KPI's set by the company.

  • Work carried out:

From the specialised Data Analytics department, we have planned the project in two distinct phases:

  1. We have designed a standardised procedure for loading information, adapting it to the client's needs. Once the information has been incorporated into the report, an adapted control panel has been created in which the client can dynamically and immediately control the current situation, the evolution and the deviations with respect to the established KPIs. 
  2. A quality control section has also been included, in which the Net Promoter Scorer of the different service areas, responsible personnel or specific projects is automatically calculated.

“El equipo ha creado una solución a medida en Power BI, integrando la información de diversos orígenes y proporcionando datos claros que nos han permitido mejorar nuestra toma de decisiones y mejorar significativamente nuestra productividad”

Jordi Martínez
Baker Tilly Ecogesa
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