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Dashboard: Financial

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Being able to analyse in real time the main indicators and financial variables of the business is an imperative need in any company.

However, in order to be able to do so, we often find ourselves with the handicap of having to download several files, process them, relate them to each other and then create a report that allows us to obtain the necessary information. This consumes a large amount of time that, in most cases, we do not have due to the daily operations of the business. 

Considering these aspects, we have created a dashboard, directly connected to the company's accounting information, which gathers at a glance all those indicators and variables that we need to control in real time. The different sections of the dashboard are:  

  1. Main indicators. Both balance sheet and income statement. 
  2. Balance sheet. Trend over time and breakdown of accounts by heading. 
  3. Income statement. Trend over time. Monthly comparative data. Breakdown by business line, cost centre or any analytical aspect. 
  4. Evolution of turnover. Breakdown by type of activity. 
  5. Cost analysis. Time evolution and breakdown by expense item. 
  6. Working capital analysis. Including: cash flow, receivables and payables. 
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