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Babcock International

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Babcock International

The Babcock International Group is a conglomerate engaged, inter alia, in the military, nuclear and aerospace businesses.

In 2014 it acquired the business of the former Inaer, a company located in the Valencian Community with a turnover of more than 300 million euros in the provision of maritime rescue, civil protection and firefighting services, among others.

  • Aim of the project:

In order to maintain real-time control of the financial situation of its various operations in Spain and Portugal, the Babcock Group asked us to collaborate in obtaining detailed financial information by cost centre, as well as in designing and obtaining a scorecard to clearly reflect this information and the main indicators.

  • Work carried out:

The work we have carried out consisted of drawing up a financial scorecard, which dealt with the analysis of the different companies, as well as the different analytical areas and centres.

To this end, in addition to the usual work of designing and implementing the scorecard itself, we carried out an initial homogenisation of information from different information sources, in order to obtain a single set of data that could be used at all levels.

"The programming designed and implemented for cost allocation has enabled us to obtain quality information about the profit and loss account of our contracts. In addition, the implementation of Power BI has significantly improved the visualisation and analysis of variances and key indicators. And all of this is fully automated".

Luis Mataix
Director Financiero
Grupo Babcock España
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