Salvador Ruiz

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Tell us about yourself

During my professional career I have served in the audit department for four years. Subsequently, I acquired experience in the Management Control department for three years. Since 2021, I have been the manager of Baker Tilly’s transaction team.

What do you value most about your day to day? And being part of Baker Tilly?

In my day to day life, I especially value the opportunity to participate in projects at national and international level, all from my hometown, Alicante. This allows me to stay close to my family and childhood friends. Being part of Baker Tilly also gives me the opportunity to work in a stimulating and collaborative professional environment.

How do you think the last few years have influenced the way you work?

Recent years have seen a remarkable transformation in the way we work, significantly influenced by the pandemic. The ability to perform tasks remotely has proven to be efficient, facilitating the offshoring of equipment. This flexibility has contributed to increased work efficiency and talent retention. 

"My advice to those starting their career would be to focus on continuous learning, cultivate interpersonal skills and proactively adapt to changes in the work environment"

Salvador Ruiz

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