Subvenciones para empresas industriales en Cataluña - Plazo abierto hasta el 18 de abril
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Improving efficiency in operations

Now is the time to adapt, shift gears and grow in a balanced way.

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Businesses face an increasingly complex global environment

Many companies need external support to help them identify these changes and transmit new strategic perspectives that mobilise them in a new direction.

In Baker Tilly's Operations Efficiency Improvement area, we have a strategic vision that correctly interprets this environment, identifies the necessary internal transformations and generates the confidence to face these changes and move towards the future.

Analysis and cost reduction

At Baker Tilly we help transform a business into a high-performing enterprise through a business strategy focused on eliminating everything that does not add value to the business.

Process optimisation

A strategic plan is the fundamental tool for assessing the company's competitive position, establishing the desirable long-term vision of the future and defining the main lines of action to effectively orient ourselves towards this vision.

Supporting efficiency improvements

We drive change in the three basic aspects that underpin a smart organisation: people, organisational culture, as well as the way the organisation and people should relate to each other, both internally and externally.

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Jordi Martínez
Energy and Sustainability Partner
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David Martínez
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