Antonio Sánchez

Tax and Legal
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Tell us about yourself

I studied law and qualified as a lawyer in 2002, starting my work experience. I have worked, and continue to work, as a procedural lawyer in the criminal, civil and labour jurisdictions. I have also worked as a labour consultant, with special emphasis on the elaboration of "Due Diligences", as well as a data protection delegate. My current job role: I perform the tasks described in the 3 previous sections.

How do you think these last few years have influenced the way you work?

With the COVID issue, I think we have become accustomed to an even more technological world.

What do you value most about your day-to-day life and being part of Baker Tilly?

Well, I value above all being able to be useful to the firm. I value that I like my profession. And also being able to work in a team.

"My advice to someone starting out in his or her career is to think deeply about whether he or she likes his or her profession. And if they don't, they should look for another path".

Antonio Sánchez

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