Cristina Salmón

Mergers and Acquisitions
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Tell us about yourself

I have a degree in Economics and a postgraduate degree in data analytics and I have developed my career at Baker Tilly where I have been helping companies to find the right corporate partners for 7 years.

Currently, I am an M&A Manager specialising in the technology sector.

How do you think these last few years have influenced the way you work?

The pandemic has been a catalyst in the acceleration of the digitalisation of companies and has brought about major changes in the working environment, generating significant challenges and opportunities.

At Baker Tilly we have been able to capture these changes and introduce technology into our processes with the aim of providing more value in our advice.

In this way, we ensure that in an increasingly competitive and agile environment, we can give our clients the confidence that they are making the right decisions.

What do you value most in your day-to-day life and being part of Baker Tilly?

An unbeatable atmosphere and the certainty of being backed by a great team with whom we can solve any challenge our clients face.

What I appreciate most about Baker Tilly is the ambition to grow every year and the commitment to provide a professional and close service at decisive moments.

"The advice I would give to someone who is just starting their career is attitude and proactivity, because you have a team around you ready to support you every day and accompany you in your professional development"

Cristina Salmón

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