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Richard Micek's International Internship de Richard Micek en Baker Tilly España at Baker Tilly Spain

Jul 9, 2024

We would like to share Richard's experience in his International Internship in the Barcelona office for 3 months.

How was your experience in the Barcelona office?

Arriving in Barcelona in January 2024, after leaving my Baker Tilly office in Munich, was a very exciting moment. It was not only my first assignment abroad, but also a full three-month experience. I arrived two days earlier and the first thing I did after checking into my flat was walking  through the entire L’Eixample to Sagrada Familia and then going straight to the beach. What a view! As I originally come from Slovakia and lived the past eight years in Munich, this was quite the change of scenery.

My first workday in Barcelona started with a short walk to the office in L’Eixample, a neighborhood conveniently located near my apartment. I received a very warm welcome and was introduced to my team as well as to all colleagues on both floors. 

Until that moment I had worked in Munich in the team for Venture Capital & Startups so it was only natural to continue in Barcelona in the M&A team under the supervision of Jordi Mercadé and Marc Mercader, who also happily explained and discussed with me the ongoing projects.

My tasks involved handling German and English mandates, preparing bilingual documents, and analyzing German legal documents—similar to my work in Munich but with the additional challenge of another language and different workflow. 

Why did you decide to have this experience in Barcelona?

The decision to choose Barcelona for my secondment was influenced by several factors. The strong cooperation between our Munich and Barcelona offices made it a natural fit, especially since I could support our Spanish colleagues with questions regarding the German law and translations and simultaneously work with my Munich team on ongoing projects. 

Additionally, I wanted to have the unique experience of working in a different jurisdiction for an extended period of time while improving my Spanish skills, which had been developed only through Duolingo at that point. The allure of Barcelona's good weather and vibrant culture also played a not insignificant role in my decision.

What has your experience been like and how have you found your team?

One noticeable difference to Munich was the open office layout in Barcelona, fostering a more collaborative environment. My colleagues were incredibly supportive, helping me learn Spanish and Catalan basics or even switching to English when  necessary. The breaks, on the other hand, were a great opportunity to connect with colleagues from various departments while enjoying a coffee in the sunshine on the rooftop terrace with a fresh sea breeze. 

One of the absolute highlights of my secondment has been playing in the monthly Baker Tilly Padel  Tournament, a sport I have never heard of before arriving in Barcelona. So, first things first, I purchased my own pala and started training. Although it was winter, the temperatures in Barcelona attacked 20 degrees. Thus, we were always able to enjoy the game outdoors and get to know each other outside of the work environment.

What do you highlight most about this experience, and do you encourage your colleagues to take advantage of these expiriences?

Looking back at my time in Spain, I'm grateful for this incredible experience. The opportunity to work in a different country and experience a new culture is invaluable. I also had the pleasure of meeting many inspiring colleagues who have also become great friends. It's been a memorable journey, and I'll cherish these moments forever.

If you are thinking about it, take the opportunity: you won't regret it.

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