Alejandro Sastre

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Tell us about yourself

I studied administration and finance, and I have 15 years of professional experience, 11 years in my previous company and 4 years in Baker Tilly, developing and learning within the entire accounting and tax circle, all kinds of projects and companies at national and international level, and any problem that is generated in the day to day of any client.

How do you think these last years have influenced the way of working?

Since the beginning of the pandemic the way of working in our sector has changed radically, so that 3 years ago it was unthinkable to telework, or to hold any kind of meeting by teams or zoom.

The fact of being able to work from anywhere and provide an equally valid customer service in terms of quality of work, has made us see that the total presence in the offices was not so important and that the hybrid model is a totally valid and beneficial system for the company and worker. Almost all clients no longer ask for face-to-face meetings, only a few ask us to come to the office to meet with them.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in their career?

Trying to be sincere, a good teammate and learning to work in a team are very important qualities for the future.

"I am proud to be part of this project that Baker Tilly is carrying out"

Alejandro Sastre

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