José Luis Martín

Commercial Partner
Tax and Legal
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Tell us about yourself

I started practising law in 2008 and my career has always been oriented towards business law and advising companies and professionals, with a strong focus on international or cross-border projects.

I am a Legal partner at Baker Tilly and, as such, I act as coordinator and head of the matters for which I am responsible.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in their career?

In my opinion, the last couple of years have been key to give a definitive boost to the digitisation of certain tasks that were traditionally handled in a different way. In addition, this process has served to consolidate the remote management of certain responsibilities with an adequate level of agility and integrity.

What do you value most about being part of Baker Tilly?

The best thing about Baker Tilly is the possibility of working with the kind of clients and on the kind of projects that allow me to better develop my abilities and skills as a professional. We have an enviable team, both on a personal and professional level.

"The key to a successful professional development lies, in my opinion, in dedication, rigour and continuous learning, concretised in the capacity to constantly absorb knowledge not only in the area in which one works professionally, but in as many subjects or fields as one can cover"

José Luis Martín

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