Marta Lluch

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Tell us about yourself

I specialize in market studies and investor search. I have extensive experience in business development.

My role in the M&A area focuses on market analysis, taking on the responsibility of the process for attracting new projects, meaning, I coordinate and lead the commercial department of the area.

How do you think these last few years have influenced the way of working?

I would say that the most substantial change I have experienced in recent years has been the use of technological tools that have allowed for streamlining processes, which allows me to focus on tasks that add value.

We are an increasingly larger, more complex company that requires more training to continue moving forward.

What do you value most about your day-to-day? What does Baker Tilly mean to you?

One of the aspects I have always valued most in my professional career is the ability to meet and work in different sectors. Both in my trajectory within the world of event organization and for the past 11 years in the mergers and acquisitions environment, I have been able to work with companies from very varied sectors and sizes, which has allowed me to have a much broader view of the business world and is very enriching in terms of knowledge.

I value the diversity of Baker Tilly's teams, where the experience of professionals with long careers mixes with the spirit and enthusiasm of young talent who bring a very current vision to the projects.

"I believe that the best part of working at Baker Tilly is its global environment."

Marta Lluch

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