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Tell us about yourself

Graduate in Business Administration and Management and Bachelor in Law from the University of Burgos, he started his professional career in auditing in 2010.

I currently manage the Burgos office as an associate.

How do you think these last few years have influenced the way you work?

The pandemic brought about a radical change in the way we approach projects. Teleworking, as well as the development of applications to meet with colleagues and clients has meant a conceptual change in what auditing was until then; so we have had to adapt to the new ways of providing added value.

What do you value most in your day-to-day life and being part of Baker Tilly?

Our profession transforms us profoundly.

First of all, and as far as the purely work-related aspect is concerned, it turns us into professionals. It is incredible to feel how, week by week, year by year,... knowledge and skills become greater and greater.

And secondly, and even more importantly, because at the same time we also grow as people: moments of responsibility in the face of our own problems, which force us to mature and face circumstances head on; of solidarity in the face of other people's problems, which makes us feel empathy; of discovering so many places and people, each with their own character and way of seeing life, which makes us become tolerant and open-minded. Moments that are always intense, many good and some bad; and it is perhaps from the blows that one learns the most, especially how to get up again.

In Baker Tilly, physical distance doesn't matter too much, because you can feel very close to people who are far away.

"My advice to someone starting out in their career is attitude! Aptitude is important and necessary, but in the worst-case scenario it comes from attitude."

Roberto Sánchez

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