Sandra Cartagena

ESG and management systems 
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Tell us about yourself

I am a biologist, specialised in environmental consultancy since the beginning of my career in 2004. I am technically responsible for projects, mainly in the field of Sustainability or ESG: Sustainability reports and plans, carbon footprint calculation, equality plans, materiality studies, ODS/Agenda 2030, responsible purchasing, management and efficiency systems (ISO 14001/EMAS and 9001), eco-labels, environmental regulations, eco-design, auditing, Social Responsibility models: SR10IQnet, etc.

How do you think these last few years have influenced the way you work?

New technologies have allowed us to be more efficient in all areas (connectivity, mobility, specialised software, calculation tools, etc.) On the other hand, the interest and need to integrate sustainability in organisations has increased significantly, so we are taking on new challenges and motivations.

What do you value most in your day-to-day life and being part of Baker Tilly?

What I value most is being able to influence the behaviour of companies and that this results in an improvement or return for society. I try to apply sustainability principles in my personal and professional life. I am one of those people who come to the office by bike, and this gives meaning to my work. It is a profession in which you learn every day and you are enriched by the variety of projects. The team and the good working environment are fundamental, as well as the more ambitious projects offered by the firm.

"The advice I give to someone starting out in their career is to have enthusiasm and camaraderie"

Sandra Cartagena

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