Sandra Vargas

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Tell us about yourself

I trained at the University of Barcelona, within the EUS group. After taking my degree in Business Administration and Management, I joined Baker Tilly in December 2010. Since then I am in the auditing department, doing my professional career from staff in internship until May 2011 and then go doing career from junior to senior and finally to manager, current position since 2018.  

What do you value most about your day to day? And being part of Baker Tilly?

I really like working every day with someone different (different teams), learning from everyone, treating us as equal despite the categories (even with the partners). Telework and flexibility of time, now that I am a mother, also allows me a lot of family conciliation to take care of the baby. I very much appreciate that there are three days of telework at Baker Tilly, since very few companies give this option (usually 2 or 1 days, or even none).  

What advice would you give to someone starting their career?

Always think about learning from others, not wanting to embrace all knowledge from the beginning. A person grows gradually and knowledge is acquired over time and practice, patience.  

"I don’t think telework in auditing has made a substantial change since all the information can be sent to you electronically and is easy to process"

Sandra Vargas

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