Subvenciones para empresas industriales en Cataluña - Plazo abierto hasta el 18 de abril
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Virginia Villalba

Photo of Virginia Villalba

Tell us about yourself

I am currently Quality Director in the Madrid office.

In addition, in recent years I have specialized in verification reports of non-financial information statements (EINF).

What do you value most about your day to day? And being part of Baker Tilly?

My hope and the new challenge I wanted to face was to commit myself to a new project, with guarantees of a career plan where I could contribute my experience, technical knowledge, leadership... and above all, with the necessary resources to continue building. 

"Baker Tilly has been a new career opportunity, integrating me into a highly qualified team where not only does the goal matter, but also focuses on how to get there"

Virginia Villalba