Ana Fornieles

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Tell us about yourself 

Graduated in Labour Relations, I have developed my professional career mainly in people management at Baker Tilly;

I am currently responsible for developing and overseeing People&Culture policies, as well as work environment and employee experience. I also collaborate with teams to ensure that our People&Culture initiatives are aligned with Baker Tilly's culture, mission and vision;

How do you think these last few years have influenced the way you work?

Recent years have promoted flexibility, adaptability and digitalisation in the world of work, transforming the way we collaborate and communicate.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in their career?

My advice to those starting out in their career is to work on a positive attitude towards challenges. I would also recommend focusing on continuous learning and being open to acquiring new skills, even outside your area of expertise;

"I value the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the organisation and my team, as well as the relationship with colleagues".

Ana Fornieles